MEMORY LOST bio&info

MEMORY LOST are André Muyat (vocals, guitar, violin) and Giacomo J-GST Gastaldi (bass, synth)

Born in 2014 as Muyat's solo project, Memory Lost became a duo early in 2015 with Giacomo's entry as bass player. Resuming most of In Loving Memory (André's former band) material, and adding brand new songs day-by-day, Memory Lost are trying to go back to 80's post-punk and darkwave sounds, with minimal instrument lines, a dry drum machine and an over-distorted voice. First EP has been released in May 2015 with 3/4 of old ILM songs and the new "La Colère", a song in french inspired by L.F. Céline. First album "The sun goes out" has been released in September 2015 with ten new songs and two more from In Loving Memory repertoire. Memory Lost are based in Genoa, IT.
André Muyat

He's an old-school/post-punk goth multi-instrumentalist. Former guitar/synth/theremin player of In Loving Memory since 2004, he definitively left the band in 2014 after their last performance in Reading, UK at the Sacrosanct festival. He started a new project as an one-man-band and called it Memory Lost in honour of his past experience. Muyat currently lives between Genoa and Paris.

Giacomo J-GST Gastaldi

Born in Genoa, he began playing bass at age 12. Since 2006 he performed with several bands of different genres, from rock/pop to darkwave/electrowave, from heavy metal to EBM, from funk to noise (this last with his solo project J-GST).